Discord Apex Legends Bots

Find the best Discord Apex Legends Bots for your Discord Server, including Mushroom to Heirloom Evils and more!

Mushroom Discord Bot Banner
Mushroom Discord Bot Logo

Add MMO gaming features to your server! • Quests for 3,000+ games • Collect or sell 50,000+ pets • Coin Economy • Leaderboards • 1M+ users
Heirloom Evils Discord Bot Banner
Heirloom Evils Discord Bot Logo

A bot where you can loot weapons, show off rare ones, participate in events, and more stuff coming soon!
Clippies Discord Bot Banner
Clippies Discord Bot Logo

Our exclusive Clippies discord bot gives you the ability to access most of our features on our website through the bot. This bot was specialized for easy user use which allows your profile t
Bartender Discord Bot Banner
Bartender Discord Bot Logo

A bot for all your bartending needs, with a couple of fun rating and apex commands!
Tinge Discord Bot Banner
Tinge Discord Bot Logo

Tinge. A clean and user-transparent bot featuring moderation, utility commands, and game tracking commands.
MrSkully's Bot Discord Bot Banner
MrSkully's Bot Discord Bot Logo

Created by Universal Creation! this bot has moderation, leveling, auto moderation, music, trivia, fortnigh search, weather search, YouTube/reddit/twitch search and much more! please vote/rate
Unnamed Bot Discord Bot Banner
Unnamed Bot Discord Bot Logo

OSU!  Fun 
A fun bot I made with discord.py. The bot currently has over 30 commands and more coming soon. Any support or feedback is appreciated!
Frostbyte Discord Bot Banner
Frostbyte Discord Bot Logo

A multipurpose furry bot, for all your multipurpose needs
Sagiri Discord Bot Banner
Sagiri Discord Bot Logo

Sagiri is an all purpose bot featuring many/ new commands including moderation.
DJ BOT Discord Bot Banner
DJ BOT Discord Bot Logo

A bot that has Basic Moderation , Music , Fortnite Stats , Weather , Apex Stats
GameStation Discord Bot Banner
GameStation Discord Bot Logo

GameStation, You Can get your Video Games Stats In GameStation And Get Steam Games Information.
igni Discord Bot Banner
igni Discord Bot Logo

OSU!  Fun 
All-in-one discord bot including reactions, advanced moderation, development tools, fun commands and more with unique command handling.
TwT Discord Bot Banner
TwT Discord Bot Logo

TwT est un bot discord multifonction comptant aujourd'hui plus de 140 commandes et 7000 utilisateurs
MayBot Discord Bot Banner
MayBot Discord Bot Logo

Music  Meme 
Listen to your favourite music, moderate your server, have fun with your friends, all by a professional guitarist with some cool features.
Apex Stats Discord Bot Banner
Apex Stats Discord Bot Logo

View Apex Legends User Stats, Map Rotation, Server Status, Legend Information, and Recent Blog Posts.
FPSMath Discord Bot Banner
FPSMath Discord Bot Logo

A Discord bot designed to convert video game sensitivities, fovs, mouse feel across themselves and preset games