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Find the best Discord Gaming Bots for your Discord Server, including Rocket League Crate Simulator to Hanna Chan 한나 and more!

Rocket League Crate Simulator Discord Bot Banner
Rocket League Crate Simulator Discord Bot Logo

RE-LIVE THE GOOD OLD DAYS. Open a range of over 50 Crates, Answer RL Trivia Questions with a FULL Rocket League Based Levelling system, using items Gained from Opening Crates!
Hanna Chan 한나 Discord Bot Banner
Hanna Chan 한나 Discord Bot Logo

Hanna Chan is an Multipurpose Discord Bot that you must have in your Discord Server's :)
SOFI Discord Bot Banner
SOFI Discord Bot Logo

Collect from 40,000+ Characters • Anime • Kpop • Webtoon • Vtuber • Genshin • Pokemon • Battling • Dungeons • Monsters • Card Game • RPG
Mushroom Discord Bot Banner
Mushroom Discord Bot Logo

Add MMO gaming features to your server! • Quests for 3,000+ games • Collect or sell 50,000+ pets • Coin Economy • Leaderboards • 1M+ users
UnbelievaBoat Discord Bot Banner
UnbelievaBoat Discord Bot Logo

Per-server economy/money/currency system | Casino games (blackjack, roulette, & more) | Server shop | Moderation | Reminders | Premium music
Discraft Discord Bot Banner
Discraft Discord Bot Logo

Discraft is a minecraft-themed bot where you can mine, chop, or dig. Craft new and unique tools by collecting different materials.
omarpg Discord Bot Banner
omarpg Discord Bot Logo

Start your journey to collect the most Pokémon badges! RPG your pokemon to become the best trainer!
Myuu Discord Bot Banner
Myuu Discord Bot Logo

The only authentic Pokémon battling experience you can get on Discord!
Poké League Discord Bot Banner
Poké League Discord Bot Logo

Gaming  Fun 
Collect, trade, get rich! Now with Markets, Teams, Trainer Levels, and more...
PokeTCB Discord Bot Banner
PokeTCB Discord Bot Logo

Fun  Gaming 
A bot based on the Pokemon Trading Card Game, with frequent events, plenty of packs to pick from, and thousands of cards!
PokeOne Discord Bot Banner
PokeOne Discord Bot Logo

Gaming  Fun 
The best Pokémon RPG bot - catch and raise Pokémon, battles and trade with others, complete story, defeat Gyms, Elite Four, bosses and more!
MarriageBot Discord Bot Banner
MarriageBot Discord Bot Logo

Fun  Gaming 
Marry your friends, adopt your enemies
Flower Discord Bot Banner
Flower Discord Bot Logo

Fun  Gaming 
Care for virtual plants right in your Discord server
ProProtection Discord Bot Banner
ProProtection Discord Bot Logo

ProProtection Is a Protection Bot / System Bot
DisGo Discord Bot Banner
DisGo Discord Bot Logo

A CSGO bot that simulates case openings. You can sell back to the bot, and keep opened items in an inventory. Trade, sell, market the skins you acquire. You can even open capsules!
Pokéchu Discord Bot Banner
Pokéchu Discord Bot Logo

Pokéchu is a super detailed Pokémon Discord Bot that allows you to collect, level up, and know information about all the Pokemon!