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ELDEN RING Discord Server Banner
ELDEN RING Discord Server Logo

66,773 Online 279,667 Members
The official hub of the ELDEN RING community. Join us, Tarnished.
LuxAlgo Discord Server Banner
LuxAlgo Discord Server Logo

8,852 Online 140,650 Members
Official Lux Algo Discord. We create next-gen technical analysis indicators & education to help the world trade smarter.
Destiny 2 Discord Server Banner
Destiny 2 Discord Server Logo

31,443 Online 138,033 Members
The Official Destiny 2 Subreddit Discord server [NOT affiliated with Bungie]
Travian Discord Server Banner
Travian Discord Server Logo

7,525 Online 124,921 Members
Chat with players from all over the world, find allies, and master the game with the help of Travian: Legends veterans!
Total War Discord Server Banner
Total War Discord Server Logo

20,387 Online 80,904 Members
The official Total War Discord community!
🌸 Anime Empire 🌸 Discord Server Banner
🌸 Anime Empire 🌸 Discord Server Logo

12,002 Online 79,084 Members
We are a large anime and Warframe community. We also have expanded a bit into other popular game titles.
IOTA & Shimmer Discord Server Banner
IOTA & Shimmer Discord Server Logo

3,531 Online 60,639 Members
Join the IOTA & Shimmer community and build the web3 together!
NFL Chat Discord Server Banner
NFL Chat Discord Server Logo

6,735 Online 59,041 Members
Join the most active NFL server on Discord! Chat with fans from all teams! Come check out what we have to offer!
Blue Politics🎁 Discord Server Banner
Blue Politics🎁 Discord Server Logo

4,911 Online 36,217 Members
Blue Politics is the largest civil politics server on Discord. We regularly host amas with politicians and academics.
OverSimplified Discord Server Banner
OverSimplified Discord Server Logo

5,579 Online 35,932 Members
The official Discord server for the OverSimplified YouTube channel. Come join our community!
Cave of Linguists Discord Server Banner
Cave of Linguists Discord Server Logo

3,852 Online 31,947 Members
We are a community wishing to spend our time talking about languages and learning new ones along our path.
The Dawnless Days Discord Server Banner
The Dawnless Days Discord Server Logo

5,010 Online 26,557 Members
The home of the community for The Dawnless Days mod for TW: Attila, a Lord of the Rings modification of the game.
Heimler's History Discord Server Banner
Heimler's History Discord Server Logo

2,039 Online 25,897 Members
The Official Discord of YouTuber Steve Heimler of Heimler's History. Get your brain cows milked!
✩  Gladiators Legion ✩ Discord Server Banner
✩  Gladiators Legion ✩ Discord Server Logo

5,550 Online 17,924 Members
We're a gaming community and a family of Warframe and Destiny 2 clans - we'd love to have you!
Hyun's Dojo Discord Server Banner
Hyun's Dojo Discord Server Logo

2,942 Online 15,370 Members
Hyun's Dojo is a vibrant animation/art community, welcome to anyone and everyone!
World History Discord Server Banner
World History Discord Server Logo

2,598 Online 14,473 Members
Official Discord Partner! Discussion & debates of history, politics, philosophy, religion, economics, news, science.

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