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kejcord f.k.a yecord Discord Server Banner
kejcord f.k.a yecord Discord Server Logo

7,831 Online 64,719 Members
We're a server about hip-hop, music, fashion, culture and (almost) everything else :) note: we don't condone hate
Conservative Discord Server Banner
Conservative Discord Server Logo

4,633 Online 49,431 Members
The #1 Right wing politics server on discord. Discuss the elections, politics and memes. Visit us for the 2022 election!
GTA Series Videos Discord Server Banner
GTA Series Videos Discord Server Logo

4,877 Online 37,673 Members
GTA Series Videos Official Discord Server dedicated to all Rockstar Games' titles, including GTA Online, GTA 6 and more!
Blue Politics🎁 Discord Server Banner
Blue Politics🎁 Discord Server Logo

4,911 Online 36,217 Members
Blue Politics is the largest civil politics server on Discord. We regularly host amas with politicians and academics.
Shinobi Story MMO Discord Server Banner
Shinobi Story MMO Discord Server Logo

1,882 Online 15,601 Members
Shinobi Story is a Naruto Inspired Free Online 3D Open World MMORPG for PC!
World History Discord Server Banner
World History Discord Server Logo

2,598 Online 14,473 Members
Official Discord Partner! Discussion & debates of history, politics, philosophy, religion, economics, news, science.
r Discord Server Banner
r Discord Server Logo

2,030 Online 13,882 Members
Shalom! This server exists to foster constructive conversation about the modern State of Israel
Manechat Discord Server Banner
Manechat Discord Server Logo

3,674 Online 13,045 Members
A SFW, community and conversation driven server for every MLP fan. Join us for streams, events, music, art and more.
Lionhearts Discord Server Banner
Lionhearts Discord Server Logo

2,295 Online 11,906 Members
LIONHEARTS: Crusade is a faction-based medieval open world: a F2P MMORPG / action-roleplaying adventure on Roblox!
Renown Discord Server Banner
Renown Discord Server Logo

3,876 Online 10,367 Members
Renown is a fast paced multiplayer survival game set in a vast and ever changing medieval world.
The Better Gen Z's Discord Server Banner
The Better Gen Z's Discord Server Logo

1,022 Online 8,500 Members
Gen Z's are known for being sensitive, easily offended. Time for us to prove everyone wrong, W chill people, emotes etc.
Gen Z Central Discord Server Banner
Gen Z Central Discord Server Logo

1,124 Online 8,288 Members
💕 Anime/Manga 🎁 Motivation 🎮 Gaming ⭐ Politics & News 🏮 Study 🌎 Make friends 💬 Active voice chats 🎲 Support 😂 Fun Bots 🌸Economy and more! Join now!
Volt Europa Discord Server Banner
Volt Europa Discord Server Logo

1,318 Online 7,964 Members
The official Discord server of Volt Europa, the pan-European, progressive political party and movement! 🇪🇺
The Roman Empire Discord Server Banner
The Roman Empire Discord Server Logo

1,348 Online 7,814 Members
Welcome to the Roman Empire, a symbol of the Ancient World. Enlist in the military, take a career path in politics, ensure justice is delivered.
Lonely Discord Server Banner
Lonely Discord Server Logo

529 Online 4,034 Members
.gg/bananas... 3,500+ members, active, giveaways, friendship, support. We are a community that encourages each other to support one another. Welcome to the server of friendship and support!
TITANPOINTE Discourse Discord Server Banner
TITANPOINTE Discourse Discord Server Logo

208 Online 2,191 Members
Welcome to TITANPOINTE, a premier centre of intellectual discourse where people of all interests and viewpoints can gather and discuss.

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