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POLITICS Discord Server Banner
POLITICS Discord Server Logo

8,006 Online 81,559 Members
Politics, Religion, Debate and Community server
Blue Politics Discord Server Banner
Blue Politics Discord Server Logo

4,392 Online 35,605 Members
Blue Politics is the largest civil politics server on Discord. We regularly host amas with politicians and academics.
Skept Republica — Politics Discord Server Banner
Skept Republica — Politics Discord Server Logo

716 Online 7,305 Members
A non toxic community to discuss current affairs, politics, theology, philosophy, history, economics, science, etc.
News-politics Discord Server Banner
News-politics Discord Server Logo

19 Online 189 Members
Hey, buddy, what's up? ...............................................
Revolution and Politics Discord Server Banner
Revolution and Politics Discord Server Logo

14 Online 26 Members
A dictator rules the many regions as absolute and many powerful political factions and paramilitary factions want to depose. Who will take power?
Conservative Discord Server Banner
Conservative Discord Server Logo

6,199 Online 54,266 Members
The #1 Right wing politics server on discord. Discuss the elections, politics and memes. Visit us for the 2022 election!
David Pakman Show Discord Server Banner
David Pakman Show Discord Server Logo

1,800 Online 20,901 Members
Call in to the David Pakman show, participate in events, talk politics, and chat with other community members!
World History Discord Server Banner
World History Discord Server Logo

2,068 Online 18,849 Members
Official Discord Partner! Discussion & debates of history, politics, philosophy, religion, economics, news, science.
Volt Europa Discord Server Banner
Volt Europa Discord Server Logo

983 Online 8,094 Members
The official Discord server of Volt Europa, the pan-European, progressive political party and movement! 🇪🇺
Discord Done Left Discord Server Banner
Discord Done Left Discord Server Logo

768 Online 5,036 Members
We're a server for fans of SocDoneLeft and people interested in discussing socialist, leftist, or progressive politics.
REPUBLIC OF INDIA 📍 भारत गणराज्य Discord Server Banner
REPUBLIC OF INDIA 📍 भारत गणराज्य Discord Server Logo

44 Online 587 Members
Debates and discussions related to Indian politics & Indian Political Role-play with our own Parliament, judiciary, regularly conducted free and fair elections, news media and much more.
Super Space Defenders Discord Server Banner
Super Space Defenders Discord Server Logo

343 Online 9,466 Members
Join our Digital Collectibles project & explore an anime world of captivating art, story-telling, politics, & conflicts.
⭐ Zimbabwe Army Discord Server Banner
⭐ Zimbabwe Army Discord Server Logo

531 Online 7,481 Members
A mapper's server. Where people come from around the world to discuss about politics, maps, news and cultures.
Israel Discord Server Banner
Israel Discord Server Logo

327 Online 4,177 Members
Shalom! Interested in daily facts? Political debates? Questions and Polls? Talking to fellow Israelis? Join us!
Hunter Avallone Discord Server Banner
Hunter Avallone Discord Server Logo

803 Online 3,666 Members
The official Discord Community for Hunter Avallone, a political streamer. Current Events, Debates, Games and More.
/r/Detroit Discord Discord Server Banner
/r/Detroit Discord Discord Server Logo

305 Online 3,684 Members
Official Discord of /r/Detroit! - Discuss news, events, politics, food, & more happening in and around Detroit, Michigan

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