Discord Music Bots

Find the best Discord Music Bot for your Discord Server, including Nitrous to MasterBot and more!

Nitrous Discord Bot Banner
Nitrous Discord Bot Logo

High Quality Music Bot with Discord.FM which supports YouTube, SoundCloud, Mixer, Vimeo, Dailymotion, MP3, M3U, PLS, etc.
MasterBot Discord Bot Banner
MasterBot Discord Bot Logo

High Quality Music, Leveling, Economy, Socialm, Fun, Administration, Utility, SoundBoard
AvaIre Discord Bot Banner
AvaIre Discord Bot Logo

A high-quality Music bot, with moderation, interaction, search, administration commands, highly customizable and much more.
AekaBot Discord Bot Banner
AekaBot Discord Bot Logo

AekaBot is a multi-purpose bot with a vast number of features!
Melodyy Discord Bot Banner
Melodyy Discord Bot Logo

Music  Fun 
The bot who loves to sing songs all day long :)
Gami Discord Bot Banner
Gami Discord Bot Logo

Gami is a multi-purpose discord bot with over 130 commands that is customizable and fast.
Hasu Discord Bot Banner
Hasu Discord Bot Logo

Anime  OSU! 
Regarder des animes, écouter de la musique, convertir des vidéos YouTube, simplement.
Cocoa Discord Bot Banner
Cocoa Discord Bot Logo

Hoto Cocoa, have some variable categories.
Yui Hirasawa Discord Bot Banner
Yui Hirasawa Discord Bot Logo

Hi, iam Miyuki. High Quality Music Bot with bass boost and lyrics. Always Online 24/7
Watora Discord Bot Banner
Watora Discord Bot Logo

100% Free Commands. Volume, BassBoost, Equalizer, Spotify, YouTube, Monstercat, Listen.moe.
Marcus Discord Bot Banner
Marcus Discord Bot Logo

Marcus is a community bot built upon being a family-friendly bot that enhances a Discord server with various features and commands.
Minerea♪ Discord Bot Banner
Minerea♪ Discord Bot Logo

Minerea♪ is a completely free Discord music bot with many supported sites
Ear Tensifier Discord Bot Banner
Ear Tensifier Discord Bot Logo

Fun  Music 
EARRAPE & BASSBOOST | High quality 24/7 music | Youtube | Soundcloud | Twitch | Mixer | Spotify | Bandcamp
Toucan-Bot Discord Bot Banner
Toucan-Bot Discord Bot Logo

A all-in-one bot featuring many commands including NSFW, moderation, music, and many fun commands. The bot is constantly updated and always gets better every update.
RickBot Discord Bot Banner
RickBot Discord Bot Logo

Music  Meme 
Custom soundboards, lots of memes and pics, has powerful music (with servers around the world). Over 70+ commands and 3500+ soundboards!
Kashima Discord Bot Banner
Kashima Discord Bot Logo

I am Kashima of the Katori-Class Training Cruisers. I am a Multi-Purpose Discord Bot that is known to have more than 130 Commands ♪

Find the best Discord Music Bot

Find the best discord music bot effortlessly with our handy website. Whether you're looking for just a music bot or one that does it all, finding one couldn't be easier! By using our inbuilt filters, you'll be able to find your ideal music bot in just a few clicks.

Why you need a Discord Music Bot

If you're a regular user of YouTube, you probably know that it's a great place to discover new music and listen. Discord Music Bots allow you to play and replay songs from YouTube or other sites directly on your voice channels for as long as you'd like.

Forget sending long URLs to friends! With an excellent discord music bot, you'll be able to listen to music in real-time with other users, play songs straight from streaming platforms, and add moderation to your server.

What are Discord Music Bots?

A discord music bot is a program that plays audio from a specific website at the user's request. Even though they all do the same primary function (play music), some bots offer more features than others.

For example, you can find discord music bots designed for servers that want to be as automated as possible. These come equipped with several different features such as trivia, polls, moderation, and even mini-games, amongst other things.

Most of the bots featured here for regular music playback fulfill all sorts of different functions, and some of these can replace your main server bot.