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Ra3d's Studio Discord Server Banner
Ra3d's Studio Discord Server Logo

394 Online 6,592 Members
This server is about helping people with programming and making discord bots :)
MarocMultiGaming Discord Server Banner
MarocMultiGaming Discord Server Logo

75 Online 3,575 Members
Is A Moroccan Server Competent In the field of programming MTA / FiveM
Coding-Community Discord Server Banner
Coding-Community Discord Server Logo

649 Online 6,468 Members
Join the Coding-Community & learn programming together! ask code related questions in one of our many channel's!
r/ProgrammerHumor Discord Server Banner
r/ProgrammerHumor Discord Server Logo

2,531 Online 15,737 Members
The place for programmers to share jokes, memes and anything funny related to programming and software development.
Almasa Services Discord Server Banner
Almasa Services Discord Server Logo

351 Online 4,014 Members
We are a server specializing in programming - Selling all types of software - Discord bots and projects - Websites
AI Camp Discord Server Banner
AI Camp Discord Server Logo

299 Online 4,252 Members
Welcome to AI Camp! Get programming help, talk about AI and take part in numerous contests for awesome prizes!
raylib Discord Server Banner
raylib Discord Server Logo

2,337 Online 10,566 Members
raylib, a simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming.
ThailandCodes ™ Discord Server Banner
ThailandCodes ™ Discord Server Logo

289 Online 3,499 Members
Thailand Codes, is a team whose goal is to help everyone in the field of programming education and others.
Duino-Coin Discord Server Banner
Duino-Coin Discord Server Logo

775 Online 11,611 Members
The official Discord place for all Duino-Coin users, electronic enthusiasts and programming geeks!
Vestra Discord Server Banner
Vestra Discord Server Logo

1,009 Online 9,087 Members
helping those who need support to make there programming dreams come true
Linux.Chat 🐧 Discord Server Banner
Linux.Chat 🐧 Discord Server Logo

974 Online 10,248 Members
Official Linux.Chat Discord community. Come chat about virtualization, security, networking, gaming, programming & more!
Epic Planet Discord Server Banner
Epic Planet Discord Server Logo

54 Online 9,651 Members
Epic Planet is a server where people can learn about Programming, Ethical Hacking, EDM and Music Creations and have fun!
MCsniperGO Discord Server Banner
MCsniperGO Discord Server Logo

792 Online 6,087 Members
The MCsniperGO Discord is for MC name sniping and programming discussion
SF ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴜɴɪᴛʏ Discord Server Banner
SF ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴜɴɪᴛʏ Discord Server Logo

261 Online 5,177 Members
FiveM Shop and Programing Channel | SF Community
Developer Support Discord Server Banner
Developer Support Discord Server Logo

587 Online 4,877 Members
server aims to educate people on the technology/programming (all famous langs),24/7 tec support,develop your skills now!
GhostRealm Community - Coding Discord Server Banner
GhostRealm Community - Coding Discord Server Logo

1,082 Online 9,728 Members
We're a Bot Designer For Discord (BDFD, DBD), DBD.js, and any programming language community! You also can add your bots in the server!

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