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567 Online 4,789 Members
Sokac Development is about helping with programming in various programming languages such as js, html, css,lua, python
Lolzone's Programming Club Discord Server Banner
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Gaming  Roblox 
6 Online 24 Members
A friendly roblox/gaming community which has everything you need if you are a gamer. Find friends, chat and play together.
The Programmer's Hangout Discord Server Banner
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21,563 Online 166,116 Members
Whether you've written 10 lines of code or have been coding and programming for 10 years, all programmers are welcome!
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152 Online 3,297 Members
Programming community
Obsession Community 🔮 Discord Server Banner
Obsession Community 🔮 Discord Server Logo

1,634 Online 24,740 Members
This Community is for Video game Modding discussions, Programming and other activities! Join to become 1337.
BK Pros YT Community Discord Server Banner
BK Pros YT Community Discord Server Logo

3,047 Online 60,456 Members
The Official BK Pros YT Community Server, Modded games & programming.
C# Discord Server Banner
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12,783 Online 51,271 Members
We are a programming server aimed at coders discussing everything related to C# (CSharp) and .NET.
Friends of Replit Discord Server Banner
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2,125 Online 18,032 Members
This is the unofficial Replit Community Discord. Join to talk all about programming, development, and of course, Replit!
PythonHow Discord Server Banner
PythonHow Discord Server Logo

957 Online 15,125 Members
Based On Udemy courses by the instructor Ardit Sulce. Get all the help you need with programming here.
Developer's Keep Discord Server Banner
Developer's Keep Discord Server Logo

1,040 Online 8,365 Members
Programmers Palace is an open and helpful community for people of all experience levels who are interested in programming or computer science.
Autocode Developers Discord Server Banner
Autocode Developers Discord Server Logo

4,214 Online 32,704 Members
Official community for Autocode: a programming toolkit for building apps, bots, websites and automations with APIs.
Coding [GER/EN] Discord Server Banner
Coding [GER/EN] Discord Server Logo

1,016 Online 10,132 Members
We are dedicated members, who are professionally and in their spare time engaged in programming and other IT topics.
Hacking & Coding Discord Server Banner
Hacking & Coding Discord Server Logo

1,420 Online 19,483 Members
Providing education and guidance in the Cybersecurity, Ethical Hacking, and Programming world.
Minecraft Computer Mods Discord Server Banner
Minecraft Computer Mods Discord Server Logo

1,917 Online 5,667 Members
A community for programming both outside and inside Minecraft, such as with mods ComputerCraft and OpenComputers.
Rust GameDev Discord Server Banner
Rust GameDev Discord Server Logo

1,634 Online 6,650 Members
Join game developers using the best programming language in the entire World: Rust!
IT Challenges Discord Server Banner
IT Challenges Discord Server Logo

554 Online 5,518 Members
We provide a place to discuss and learn about Programming, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Technology & IT in general.

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