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Join the Lionhearts Discord server and connect with over 11.9k members to discuss the game, roleplay, and more! Get the invite link and join the crusade today!
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The Lionhearts Discord server has 3K online members and 0 upvotes.

Lionhearts Discord Server Described

: LIONHEARTS: Crusade is a faction-based medieval open world: a F2P MMORPG / action-roleplaying adventure on Roblox!

Lionhearts: Crusade is an open-world MMORPG found only on Roblox.

Lionhearts’ key elements that keep people coming back time and time again are our dedicated yet niche player community, faction-centric warfare and political roleplay mechanics, hardcore gameplay (often referred to as a heavy “grind”), and historically-inspired theme.

Many players have a tumultuous love affair with Lionhearts. In Lionhearts, when one faction wins, another loses. When one player climbs the ladder of progression and reaps the many benefits, others envy them. The cyclical and hardcore nature of Lionhearts is it’s greatest strength, although some would say it is also it’s greatest weakness. But one thing is certain: in Lionhearts, only players with the strongest of wills win.

Whether you’re a lover of all things MMO, especially “oldschool”, grindy, and leveling-based MMOs, or perhaps a student of High Medieval history, or maybe even a lover of roleplay, warfare, and politics, you will surely, perhaps begrudgingly, fall in love with the charm of Lionhearts.

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