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Megaheropap’s Server

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A fun community server to hang out and chill. I am pretty much always online so you can talk to me. Also, you can get MegaCoins which can be exchanged fo IRL money, Robux, v-bucks, nitro, etc

Our server features tons of rewards with currency MegaCoins exchanged for many prizes. As long as we have the prize you want, you are allowed to get it if you have enough MegaCoins. Also, on our server, if you are bored simple chat. I will pretty much always respond to you and even though our server doesn’t have many members, you will always have someone to talk with. You can also explore the other channels as each has a mystery twist and can be exciting to read. There are tons of rewards and hangouts and we are also looking for staff to hire. So come join us and also play with our bots we made.