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Full tas Server information, with invite link to join, along with Music channels and any related servers.
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The tas Discord server has 13 online members and 0 upvotes. tas is a Music Discord Server.

tas_amba ClubServer Discord Server Described

: This server have a lot of stuff such as hear music while in the voice channel, study together there and many more for you to discover. 😄

This server have everything that you want but if the server don’t have the thing that you want, you can tell me what the thing that you want to be put in the server. Before you want something that you want, you may join the server and you will know what the thing that I added before you join. It’s kinda hard to explain everything here but I will tell the special or important things to know. If you curse or swear in this server 3 times, you will GET BLOCK from chatting in every channel that you can chat on it. But you need to remember you can’t chat for 1 HOUR to realize you that cursing or swearing it’s not a good stuff. Not just that, you can hear with your friends in the voice channel like you in the study voice channel and you want to take a break for a while, you can command in the song text channel to command the bot what the song that you like to play and the bot will search your song based the command that you put. I think it just only that that I can explain in here but if you want to know more, I really pleasure you to join the server. Thank you so much for reading this. 😄

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