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37 upvotes in March
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: Quickly and easily discover players like you, connect with your ideal teammates and play better together. ✅ Find VALORANT players and teams ✅ Find CSGO players and teams

A couple of years ago we decided there should be a better way for players to find CS:GO teammates. Since then, we’ve had fun learning and competing in various fps titles and have since added VALORANT to our site.

We all know what it’s like to play ranked and want to help everyone avoid toxicity. So, we created our own teamfinder to help you get good teammates and (hopefully) life lasting friends.

🐔 Find CS:GO players/wingman/teams -
If you’re looking for someone to partner up with in Wingman or completely dominate csgo ranked all the way up to the Global Elite and ride out the ELO hell as a gang - Than hopefully our platform will help you to avoid the cyka blayt B rushes on dust2.

💥 Find VALORANT players/duos/teams -
Whether you’re looking for an Immortal DuoQ partner or a 5-stack to ride out of ELO hell together - hopefully this will help us all avoid Jett insta-locks and find a group of friends to play with 😊

🐐 Find Fortnite players/duos/trios/squads -
Are you looking for a group to play Fortnite with? Returning to play Zero Build? or are you a long-time lover of box fights? Whether you play Battle Royale, mess around in Creative or Save the World with friends - we can help you find your ideal duo, trio or squad.

🐲 Find Apex Legends players -
Don’t want to be stuck playing with people without mics? Then is for you, connect with players that match you and let our algorithm do the search work for you.

🤓Furthermore, we have a team of super dedicated and active developers. New features are constantly being added, we strongly belief that community comes first. Therefore, always feel free to give us a shout if you have any suggestions on how to improve 💯

Quickly & easily discover players like you, our algorithm will find your ideal teammates based on:
📆 Availability
⏱ Commitment
🏆 Skill
🔫 Role
🥇 Ambition
🌐 Language & Location



4,140 Online 23,689 Members

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