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Bot for notify when a live twitch is live in 30sec-1min after the live start

/addstreamer [channelName]
example : /addstreamer xqcOW

Add a Twitch stream to the announcer.
/removestreamer [channelName]
example : /removestreamer xqcOW

Remove a Twitch stream from the announcer.
/message [message] [?channelName]
example : /message Hey guys %name% Is live on %game% gogo @everyone xqcOW

Change the announcement message of the lives.
/setchannel [channelName] [#channel]
example: /setchannel XqcOw #notification

Change the announcement channel of a streamer.
Show list streamer.

Minimum permissions to use the commands:

/followage [channel] [user]
example: /followage xqcOW pepega

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