Discord CSGO Bots

Find the best Discord CSGO Bots for your Discord Server, including DisGo to VACban and more!

DisGo Discord Bot Banner
DisGo Discord Bot Logo

A CSGO bot that simulates case openings. You can sell back to the bot, and keep opened items in an inventory. Trade, sell, market the skins you acquire. You can even open capsules!
VACban Discord Bot Banner
VACban Discord Bot Logo

VACban allows you to check, watch and have a confirmed log system in Discord!
Botstion Discord Bot Banner
Botstion Discord Bot Logo

Botstion is a FOSS Discord bot developed by theLMGN, its primary function is to open your Discord server to as many information sources as possible.
Server Bot Discord Bot Banner
Server Bot Discord Bot Logo

A bot that allows you to see information about game servers.
VermonteBot Discord Bot Banner
VermonteBot Discord Bot Logo

Discord Bot that hooks into various API's and also provides useful server tools and information/
BotBoy Discord Bot Banner
BotBoy Discord Bot Logo

A discord bot that can provide rich information from multiple sources.
Ultra - Ω Edition - Discord Bot Banner
Ultra - Ω Edition - Discord Bot Logo

A work in progress bot supplying you with good shit.
Moto Moto Discord Bot Banner
Moto Moto Discord Bot Logo

MotoMoto Is An All-in-one Bot With 60+ Commands And Alot Of Unique Features, And All That In Just One Bot!
Zenrock Discord Bot Banner
Zenrock Discord Bot Logo

What is Orbit? Orbit is fit for doing many tasks to whichever you desire this could be music, fun or even to help out on that moderation.
Youpi BOT Discord Bot Banner
Youpi BOT Discord Bot Logo

Youpi BOT is a new useful and very complete multifunction robot, it is fully configurable with lots of commands ! There are 3 languages ​​available on the bot
Sparse Discord Bot Banner
Sparse Discord Bot Logo

BugScratch features a whole range of different ability's, from moderation to music, to 8ball!.
Arı Bot Discord Bot Banner
Arı Bot Discord Bot Logo

Türkçe Genel Discord Bot | Arı Bot | Created By Emzel
NEVERLOSE.CC Discord Bot Banner
NEVERLOSE.CC Discord Bot Logo

A Simple bot that gather Information from NeverLose.cc forums.
VACwatch Discord Bot Banner
VACwatch Discord Bot Logo

VACwatch is a bot that allows you to monitor Steam users and be notified when they receive a VAC or Game Ban.
SteamStatistics Discord Bot Banner
SteamStatistics Discord Bot Logo

A steam-based statistical bot that provides users with steam data, new releases, player counts, player statistics, and more.
CSRage Discord Bot Banner
CSRage Discord Bot Logo

Need a nice queue bot? This is it!