Discord CSGO Bots

Find the best Discord CSGO Bots for your Discord Server, including GamerBot to ItzMine and more!

GamerBot Discord Bot Banner
GamerBot Discord Bot Logo

Welcome to GamerBot, a Discord bot for gaming events and voice channel management as well as gaming statistics.
ItzMine Discord Bot Banner
ItzMine Discord Bot Logo

Vipe Bot, A verry cool bot made by myself without any help! Moderation, Fun, Utility, Animals And More !
anti-harlem Discord Bot Banner
anti-harlem Discord Bot Logo

Invite the bot you wont regret it
JanQ Discord Bot Banner
JanQ Discord Bot Logo

Multifunctional bot! You will find a lot of 4fun and moderation commands here!
Smilewin Discord Bot Banner
Smilewin Discord Bot Logo

This bot mainly focuses on playing music on the servers and have 180 commands which have command for verification , moderation , meme and many more. This bot have two language(Thai , English)
r0bert Discord Bot Banner
r0bert Discord Bot Logo

With this bot you can more easily moderate your server.
Source Servers Discord Bot Banner
Source Servers Discord Bot Logo

Monitor your game servers in real time in the channel of your choice.
Bore Discord Bot Banner
Bore Discord Bot Logo

Bore is a multi function bot, you can manage roles, get various informations and many other things.
Bruins Bot Discord Bot Banner
Bruins Bot Discord Bot Logo

have fun with this boy if you have any problems make sure to dm me on discord (nzoc #0001) the bot is really easy to use
Faceit Stats Discord Bot Banner
Faceit Stats Discord Bot Logo

Discord Faceit statistic bot. Allows you to find out information about the player (if, of course, he is registered on FaceIT) just using one command!
PepegaTracker Discord Bot Banner
PepegaTracker Discord Bot Logo

PelpijaTracker is a bot that tracks your valorant's account stats
Team Up Discord Bot Banner
Team Up Discord Bot Logo

Rating ladders for any game. Create a leaderboard for any game and attract more members to your Discord gaming community
M3W2 Discord Bot Banner
M3W2 Discord Bot Logo

Having quarrel while forming a team..! Here's the M3W2 bot to form the desired number of teams in the voice channel with random team members and to insult them..!
Stati Discord Bot Banner
Stati Discord Bot Logo

View and track your game stats within Discord, anywhere, anytime, and in-depth.
AntiSteamScam Discord Bot Banner
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Dieser Bot schützt dich, und deinen Server vor dem großen Discord Steam Scam
Luxra Discord Bot Banner
Luxra Discord Bot Logo

türkçe moderasyon ve oyun sunucularından veri çekmenize yarayan bir bottur örnek: csgo topluluk serverinden veri çekmenize yarayan bir bottur