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Find the best Discord Moderation Bot for your Discord Server, including LK Bot to Ferry and more!

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Categories: Moderation, economy, fun
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Ferry is a multi-purpose bot for your server with moderation, and other fun commands.
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The Members+ bot is a bot that helps you growing your Discord Server!
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Translation Tool supports over 100+ languages with auto language moderation that prevents users from speaking in other languages.
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Nevar is a bot that aims to simplify the workflow of Discord moderators as much as possible
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Aromic is a Multipurpose Bot. It has Moderation, Utility, Fun, etc..
Aroh Discord Bot Banner
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Ein deutschsprachiger Multifunktionsbot
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Proxy is an advanced easy to setup antinuke bot with many moderation commands.
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Hi I’m Maru v2 I am a multi purpose bot for all your needs!!
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Fun  Meme 
Say hello to toB, a very straightforward and interactive bot with many fun commands. You can count on me to provide your server rich with memes, quotes, funny jokes, and much more!
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Snowflake Is A Multipurpose Discord Bot
Number of People Discord Bot Banner
Number of People Discord Bot Logo

Notify the number of people in the voice channel when someone enters or exits VC.
20th Century Boy Discord Bot Banner
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Imagina un Bot... con el cual puedas mejorar la administración de tu servidor con unos simples comandos! Ser administrador jamás había sido tan fácil.
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A multipurpose bot built and developed by JstMStudio.
Pancake Discord Bot Banner
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Simple to use multi-purpose Discord bot - music, moderation, fun and more!
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Protection against spambots and alt accounts. Advanced user verification, Google Captcha and anti raid!