Discord Moderation Bots

Find the best Discord Moderation Bot for your Discord Server, including Security to AltDentifier and more!

AltDentifier Discord Bot Banner
AltDentifier Discord Bot Logo

Protection against spambots and alt accounts. Advanced user verification, Google Captcha and anti raid!
Project_Mudkip Discord Bot Banner
Project_Mudkip Discord Bot Logo

a multipurpose bot that has music commands mod commands and fun commands there is over 150 commands that can be used
UnbelievaBoat Discord Bot Banner
UnbelievaBoat Discord Bot Logo

Per-server economy/money/currency system | Casino games (blackjack, roulette, & more) | Server shop | Moderation | Reminders | Premium music
Restarter v3 Discord Bot Banner
Restarter v3 Discord Bot Logo

A utility bot for Discord servers, featuring automatic channel reactions, reaction roles, server logging, moderation, and so much more.
AvaIre Discord Bot Banner
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A high-quality Music bot, with moderation, interaction, search, administration commands, highly customizable and much more.
AdvaithBot Discord Bot Banner
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A cool multipurpose bot with commands for fun, animals, searching, utility, text, info, moderation, urls, and emoji.
AekaBot Discord Bot Banner
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AekaBot is a multi-purpose bot with a vast number of features!
Gami Discord Bot Banner
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Gami is a multi-purpose discord bot with over 130 commands that is customizable and fast.
Slav Bot Discord Bot Banner
Slav Bot Discord Bot Logo

Fun  Meme 
Pure Shitposting |Video Editing | Image Editing | Purchase/Trade Users | Warfare (PvP) | Calamity Cards (Trading Cards) | Message Responses
Mr. Robøt Discord Bot Banner
Mr. Robøt Discord Bot Logo

Protégez vos serveurs Discord communautaires par un robot totalement automatisé. Passez moins de temps à modérer les insultes.
Skyra Discord Bot Banner
Skyra Discord Bot Logo

A configurable Discord Bot with fun commands, moderation, and much more!
Cocoa Discord Bot Banner
Cocoa Discord Bot Logo

Hoto Cocoa, have some variable categories.
Yui Hirasawa Discord Bot Banner
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Hi, iam Miyuki. High Quality Music Bot with bass boost and lyrics. Always Online 24/7
EasyPoll Discord Bot Banner
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With EasyPoll, a Discord Poll Bot, you can easily create polls and your members can vote by clicking on a reaction very easily and quickly.
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Marcus is a community bot built upon being a family-friendly bot that enhances a Discord server with various features and commands.