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Hello and welcome to epic gamer this server is a gaming server where you can hang out and chill

Hello and welcome to my gaming community
They are some rules you have to follow
General Rules

1.Please be polite to everyone! That includes staff!
2.There is no raiding allowed.
3. Finding loopholes to rules is not allowed. Y
4.Words that are sexual, disturbing, rude, slurs, well be punish If a staff member tells you not to use a certain word, listen to them. 5. Harassment is not allowed. Please report any suspicious characters to staff if you are being attacked.
6. Listen to staff members. If they tell you to do something, do it.
7. If a staff is doing something that is wrong tell me personally im the owner
8. Do not threaten other members. This includes blackmailing
9. Do not misbehave in chat. This including line splitting, overuse of italics and bold, ghost pinging, and derogatory behavior.
10. Use the correct channels for the correct purpose.

11 if i find out your breaking the rule i well find you and punish you also no text making people feel harassment, racist ect.