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Villager Esports was founded in February 2019 with the objective to make players aware of the unique opportunity that esports provides to reach a highly engaged audience. Authenticity and transparency are one of the important guiding principles for Villager Esports. Villager Esports consists of sensible and committed guys who are capable of organizing online and offline tournaments.

Online Mobile Gaming Events
Organized online gaming has spread worldwide to encompass an ever-growing number of games, leagues, tournaments, and conventions. Villager Esports is intimately familiar with all aspects of the gaming ecosystem. Each project, whether it’s online, offline, or somewhere in between, presents its own challenges—and Villager Esports has the power and flexibility to handle them all while securing fair-play between players.

Player Management
India is a storehouse of talent. So many deserving players who go unnoticed.But not now. We at Villager Esports are creating a massive pool of players along with their data from which organizations can choose and make their teams. We have promised to give a stage to all the deserving players to showcase their talent and earn what they deserve. Players of a team are like the pillars of a building. Even if one of them is weak, the building will collapse. Keeping this in mind Villager Esports showcases only the best of the best talent in front of you.

Esports News
Your one-stop for all the mobile esports news. With so many things happening in esports at a time, it might be hard to keep up with everything. But don’t worry we have got you covered. Villager Esports aims at providing up to date news and high-quality esports coverage at your fingertips. Our team at Villager Esports makes sure that you get to read the latest and most exciting esports news first.

Content Creation
Amazing content only works when it’s seen by the right people. With both high-level and day-to-day management of your distribution plan, we use our network of international partners like Facebook, Expedia, and YouTube to make sense of every new platform, trend, and technology. Then, we build a strategy tailored to your brand with one constant: we go where the audience is. Because it’s no longer about scheduling time with a network. It’s about engaging in real-time.

Media and Entertainment
Media and entertainment go hand in hand. We at Villager Esports believe that having fun is an integral part of our ecosystem. Be it fun events and streams to engage with our audience, after movies that give you a different perspective or interviews with your favorite players. We have it all covered. We at Villager esports aim to become a platform that covers everything an esports enthusiast needs.

Influencer Management
The social media handle of the competitive players is the first thing people take notice of. We have vivid experience in social media management in the gaming ecosystem. We at Villager Esports help competitive players become the future influencers of the gaming community because we believe they have a huge impact on the community and for them being the right influencer and having the right influence is very necessary to bring forward the gaming community of India.


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