Discord Crypto Bots

Find the best Discord Crypto Bot for your Discord Server, including Aaptaha to BlackPedia and more!

Aaptaha Discord Bot Banner
Aaptaha Discord Bot Logo

Aaptaha caters to general Discord audience with an Indian tinge and languages.
BlackPedia Discord Bot Banner
BlackPedia Discord Bot Logo

A bot created to provide several tools for SEO needs such as scrapers, Ebooks checkers, and a huge list of proxies! Do check it out! ;)
Zuki Discord Bot Banner
Zuki Discord Bot Logo

The all-in-one utility bot for Discord.
Hack Club Scrapbook Bot Discord Bot Banner
Hack Club Scrapbook Bot Discord Bot Logo

Social  Fun 
A bot for syncing your and your team's Hack Club Scrapbook posts.
$stockbot Discord Bot Banner
$stockbot Discord Bot Logo

$tockbot is a super simple, minimal and decently fast stock/crypto bot.
🐲 | DragFaucet Discord Bot Banner
🐲 | DragFaucet Discord Bot Logo

DragFaucet est le meilleur faucet de cryptomonnaies qui existe !
LightningEconomy Discord Bot Banner
LightningEconomy Discord Bot Logo

A bot designed to implement a true to life economy system into Discord, using the real stock market data and crypto market data.
Cryptocord Discord Bot Banner
Cryptocord Discord Bot Logo

Encode and decode custom messages for fun.
Stonk Bot Discord Bot Banner
Stonk Bot Discord Bot Logo

A multipurpose bot that can display stock charts, futures, and some crypto.
Nucleo Relay Discord Bot Banner
Nucleo Relay Discord Bot Logo

A bumping and economy utilities Discord bot.
NightSky Discord Bot Banner
NightSky Discord Bot Logo

The perfect discord bot that combines moderation, fun and utility into one bot
lotus Discord Bot Banner
lotus Discord Bot Logo

Lotus offers statistics for game profiles, cryptocurrency, COVID-19 cases, and you can even clown and troll your server members using this bot!
BitBot Discord Bot Banner
BitBot Discord Bot Logo

An all in-one cryptocurrency bot for discord. Supports statistics, conversions, wallet operations, news fetching, and more! Bitcoin+Altcoins
MayDayBot Discord Bot Banner
MayDayBot Discord Bot Logo

MayDay bot is the all in one bot that you absolutely need in your server! MayDay has 75+ commands to do whatever you want. Get it now!
Glib Discord Bot Banner
Glib Discord Bot Logo

Cute Discord bot with Music, Anime gifs, Moderation, Memes, Encrypt passwords and more stuff!
HODL. Discord Bot Banner
HODL. Discord Bot Logo

Crypto  Fun 
HODL. Bot is the ultimate bot for any cryptocurrency enthusiast. Price alerts, charts, coin info and even a shitcoin economy.