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Find the best Discord Crypto Bot for your Discord Server, including HODL. to Kurdish Moderation ✨ and more!

HODL. Discord Bot Banner
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Crypto  Fun 
HODL. Bot is the ultimate bot for any cryptocurrency enthusiast. Price alerts, charts, coin info and even a shitcoin economy.
Kurdish Moderation ✨ Discord Bot Banner
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A multipurpose discord bot with many cmds
Fyxol Discord Bot Banner
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Hello I’m Fyxol! I am a feature rich easy to use Moderation Bot and I have the perfectly commands for your needs! My purpose is to moderate people in your server and have fun!
Klonba Discord Bot Banner
Klonba Discord Bot Logo

Reaction role | Ticket system | Giveaway | Epic Games alerts | YouTube alerts | Twitter alerts
Izzys™ Discord Bot Banner
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Izzys, uma bot focada em moderação, diversão em geral. Tenho comandos de diversão, funções demoderação, ultilidades e economia.
Kuma Bot 💫 Discord Bot Banner
Kuma Bot 💫 Discord Bot Logo

Kuma Bot is an original, cool discord bot made with love. It has a lot of features and is constantly improving.
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Santa Bot it's here! Get ready to catch Santa's presents!
Pluto Discord Bot Banner
Pluto Discord Bot Logo

Welcome to Pluto, the new and ultimate multi-purpose bot built on discord.py. With many commands for moderation, utility, fun and more! Come join the fun today for free!
Crypto bot Discord Bot Banner
Crypto bot Discord Bot Logo

A bot to get the price of a lot of cryptocurrencies and to exchange cryptocurrencies.
wordPractice Discord Bot Banner
wordPractice Discord Bot Logo

Practice your typing and keyboard skills while having fun, compete with typists from around the world.
Bitcoin Tracker Discord Bot Banner
Bitcoin Tracker Discord Bot Logo

The best discord bot to track the Bitcoin's price at real time, can be useful for online markets and for traders.
Atomic Discord Bot Banner
Atomic Discord Bot Logo

A revolutionary advanced discord bot with many features, including levelling, currency [BETA] and moderation skills.
AlgoAlly Discord Bot Banner
AlgoAlly Discord Bot Logo

Advanced charting for stocks, futures, crypto and forex quotes with extended hours and technical studies.
CryptoBot Discord Bot Banner
CryptoBot Discord Bot Logo

An idle game in which you mine crypto and use the profits to improve your setup! Includes mining pools, relocations, prestiges and more!
Utix Discord Bot Banner
Utix Discord Bot Logo

A bot for programming/coding, crypto, stocks and other science stuff like math, astronomy and chemistry. Bitcoin and Wolfram Alpha are included.
Agent 47 Discord Bot Banner
Agent 47 Discord Bot Logo

Moderation, giveawyas, nuke channels, purge chats, reaction roles, add/remove roles from members, automodertion, live bitcoin prices and much more being added every week.