Discord Fun Bots

Find the best Discord Fun Bots for your Discord Server, including Discord Pizza to Neko Chan and more!

Discord Pizza Discord Bot Banner
Discord Pizza Discord Bot Logo

A Pizza Bot in German, to which you can place an order and an employee brings you the pizza on the server.
Neko Chan Discord Bot Banner
Neko Chan Discord Bot Logo

Economy  Fun 
A common bot, with common & Exclusive Feautures. But all in the one place. No need to have 100 Bots when you've got Neko Chan
Karuta Discord Bot Banner
Karuta Discord Bot Logo

Anime  Gaming 
Over 70k collectible anime cards to drop! Each has a unique code and print number and can be traded/upgraded. Grab 'em fast!
Birthday Bot Discord Bot Banner
Birthday Bot Discord Bot Logo

Utility  Fun 
A highly customizable birthday Discord Bot. Use bday help to start tracking birthdays!
Rocket League Crate Simulator Discord Bot Banner
Rocket League Crate Simulator Discord Bot Logo

RE-LIVE THE GOOD OLD DAYS. Open a range of over 50 Crates, Answer RL Trivia Questions with a FULL Rocket League Based Levelling system, using items Gained from Opening Crates!
Ayako Discord Bot Banner
Ayako Discord Bot Logo

Moderation  Fun 
Easy Moderation, Instant Logging, Reliable and customizable Anti-Spam, Interaction commands and a lot more
DoubleD Bot Discord Bot Banner
DoubleD Bot Discord Bot Logo

Social  Fun 
🍑 The best Discord bot with slash (/) commands with the most NSFW categories & sub-categories! 🍑
UltimateRPG Discord Bot Banner
UltimateRPG Discord Bot Logo

Economy  Roleplay 
Offers a universal RPG game for you and your guild members to play. You can go on adventures, farm resources, buy items and more!
CareBot Discord Bot Banner
CareBot Discord Bot Logo

Fun  Multipurpose 
A bot dedicated to providing resources for people with mental disorders or everyday issues.
TacoShack Discord Bot Banner
TacoShack Discord Bot Logo

Fun  Economy 
Manage your own Taco Shack! Buy upgrades, hire employees, run advertisements, and most importantly... sell tacos!
IdleCapitalist Discord Bot Banner
IdleCapitalist Discord Bot Logo

Economy  Fun 
Purchase businesses and earn money offline to work your way up to becoming a Discord Capitalist Tycoon!
Athix Discord Bot Banner
Athix Discord Bot Logo

Fun  Utility 
A bot which mainly focuses on boosting your server activeness. Features like Global Chat| Chat Reviver| Mini-Games| Event Builders| more!
AsterieBot Discord Bot Banner
AsterieBot Discord Bot Logo

Fun  Multipurpose 
Divination made accessible! I provide in-depth meanings via Tarot, Runes, Lenormand - plus horoscopes, 8-Balls, tarot/astrology memes, & more!
DisGo Discord Bot Banner
DisGo Discord Bot Logo

A CSGO bot that simulates case openings. You can sell back to the bot, and keep opened items in an inventory. Trade, sell, market the skins you acquire. You can even open capsules!
Grrr Discord Bot Banner
Grrr Discord Bot Logo

Hey moi c'est Grrr ! Je suis un petit bot français avec pleins de fonctionnalités utiles et insolites ! Mini-jeux, modération, fun, utilitaire et en plein développement.
Hydra x RGB Discord Bot Banner
Hydra x RGB Discord Bot Logo

Music  Fun 
2021 The Best Music Bot 24/7 radio system/ RGB MUSIC 70+ Commands / 2021 Advanced Music Bot / This Function is amazing /