Discord LFG Bots

Find the best Discord LFG Bots for your Discord Server, including SAND - USD to BNB - PHP and more!

SAND - USD Discord Bot Banner
SAND - USD Discord Bot Logo

Shows the current price of SAND to USD
BNB - PHP Discord Bot Banner
BNB - PHP Discord Bot Logo

Shows the current price of BNB to PHP
Mushroom Discord Bot Banner
Mushroom Discord Bot Logo

Add MMO gaming features to your server! • Quests for 3,000+ games • Collect or sell 50,000+ pets • Coin Economy • Leaderboards • 1M+ users
CBT - PHP Discord Bot Banner
CBT - PHP Discord Bot Logo

Shows the current price of CBT to PHP
CBT - USD Discord Bot Banner
CBT - USD Discord Bot Logo

Shows the current price of CBT to USD
LFG Tool Discord Bot Banner
LFG Tool Discord Bot Logo

A lightwight channel linking looking for group bot.
LFG Bot Discord Bot Banner
LFG Bot Discord Bot Logo

LFG Bot allows users to create Looking For Group posts, just like on Xbox!
Helium | WILL NEVER DM Discord Bot Banner
Helium | WILL NEVER DM Discord Bot Logo

Helium NFT Tool Is One Tool To Solve All NFT Project Related Problems Such As Whitelist Management, Sales Bot, Token Giveaway For DAOs & More
Cyrus Discord Bot Banner
Cyrus Discord Bot Logo

Cyrus music is A Free bot Which Allows User To Listen to high quality songs without any interruption.
Puck Discord Bot Banner
Puck Discord Bot Logo

A bot to automatically list, ping, and delist LFG threads.
CollabBot Discord Bot Banner
CollabBot Discord Bot Logo

CollabBot is a discord bot that completely automates server collabs! Templates and Giveaways all in one bot, with a ton of Collab related extra features like Auto-Assign Roles and Claim Info!
Esport Leagues Discord Bot Banner
Esport Leagues Discord Bot Logo

Esport Leagues vous permet de recevoir une notification lorqu'un match de ton équipe ou ligue favorite commence ! (lol, csgo, valo, rl...)
Valorant Shop Discord Bot Banner
Valorant Shop Discord Bot Logo

A Discord Bot that can show your In-game valorant shop on your discord account directly without any hassel
Elo Ranking Discord Bot Banner
Elo Ranking Discord Bot Logo

Ranked matchmaking, true elo ratings and rankings for Discord. Play and track any game! Easy to use and set up.
Açaí Discord Bot Banner
Açaí Discord Bot Logo

Organize Raids, Dungeons and Events in general quickly and easily.
Baast Discord Bot Banner
Baast Discord Bot Logo

Baast is the ultimate events managment bot on Discord for creating and manging your communtiy events.