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Welcome to K9 Multi Gaming/E-Sports server! As you can see we don't have many members at the moment so we would appreciate the support!

We support many games as CsGo, COD, Fortnite, Rainbow 6Siege, Rocket League and many more! We are also looking for Staff, Team Leaders, Managers, Moderators, Helpers and Pro-Gamers so we can start with the Moneymaking and the Competitive! We are a professional server and we also like to have much fun with the community! So if you are interested you are welcome and the doors are open to you! Its very important to have fun in our server and don’t be a boring person, join and have some good time, we would appreciate the support! You can also help us by suggesting new things to the server! Thank you very much for taking some of your time to read this <3!!!

We support German too!