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Invite LFG Bot to your Discord server and use its event managing and looking for a group commands. Get started with LFG Discord Bot today!

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LFG Discord Bot Described:

Discord Bot for event managing and looking for a group

License Discord Bots
Discord Bot for event managing and looking for group.
This simple bot will let you set up separate lfg channel, and then send event messages to show that you are looking for a group. Or just post these forms in a general - the bot is easily configurable via standard Discord permission rules (see hints below as an example).
To accept or decline event, a user can click on 👍 or 👎 emoji respectively.


Previously, this bot required to set up specific lfg channel and allow to restrict users from placing new emojis in it.
Now that all bots have migrated to the slash commands, these thing aren’t necessary as it can be configured natively via channel and roles permissions.
For example:

  1. To enforce using only /create forms in the channel, you need to remove ‘Send Messages’ permission for everyone except the bot.
  2. To enforce using only standard 👍 or 👎 emojis, you need to remove ‘Add Reactions’ permission for everyone except the bot (members can still react using existing reactions)
  3. To restrict using this bot in a specific channel, you need to remove ‘View Channel’ permission for the bot.
Existing commands

NB: due to changes in the Discord’s policies, all commands were changed to slash commands.
List of available commands:

  • /help - get info about bot and list of existing commands
  • /create - add lfg message to the lfg channel. The command will create form, where the user will be prompted to complete the survey. User’s answers will be collected into an embed and sent to the lfg channel.
  • /ping - Writes alive and waiting for your commands in the chat if the bot is working. This command is created to check if the bot is responsive.
Want to use at your server?

Invite bot to your server

If you found a bug

If you have any issue with the bot functionality, feel free to post an issue in this repo - for now, I am intended to maintain this app as long as I don’t feel it is stable enough.

Need any adjustments?

If you feel some cool feature is missing, or you want to make some minor tweaks just for your quality of life - feel free to either post an issue in the repo or make a fork and adjust it yourself as you see fit.
Please bear in mind: I intend to leave this bot single-purpose, meaning I won’t add features which are not related to the idea of managing lfg channels.

If you like the bot

LFG bot was approved by the top.gg administrators (one of the biggest aggregator for the Discord bots and servers)
If you feel the bot is worthy enough - you can vote for it at its top.gg page.
You can do it every 12 hours. Voting isn’t required, but always appreciated) I will be glad to know that my work helps people achieve what they want.

Environment setup
  1. Install NodeJS
  2. Clone repo
  3. Fetch all required npm packages using npm install
  4. Configure .env (use .env.sample as a reference if needed)
  5. After any changes in code, in cmd call tsc
  6. Start the app by using nodemon build/main.js or debug it with your IDE
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add LFG Discord Bot to my server?

You can add LFG to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add LFG Discord Bot' on this page.

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