Discord Levelling Bots

Find the best Discord Levelling Bots for your Discord Server, including Math to Diamond and more!

Math Discord Bot Banner
Math Discord Bot Logo

I am a mathematics Discord bot with simplicity in mind.
Diamond Discord Bot Banner
Diamond Discord Bot Logo

A multipurpose bot with 22k+ users currently and 30+ commands
Kurisu Discord Bot Banner
Kurisu Discord Bot Logo

Kurisu, the usefull and versitile Nadeko clone!
Charon Discord Bot Banner
Charon Discord Bot Logo

A bot from hell, here to guide your server to success. Constantly updating + Rarely any down time.
Maika Discord Bot Banner
Maika Discord Bot Logo

Maika Economy and Leveling System with Mini-games
oma Discord Bot Banner
oma Discord Bot Logo

Track your progress with your pokemon go badges and stats.
Ferret Discord Bot Banner
Ferret Discord Bot Logo

Ferretbot is: ◙ Open Source (GitHub). ◙ Constantly Maintained by Developer. ◙ Always Online (24/7!). ◙ Fast and Easy to Use. ◙ Offers a well-made Discord MMO Experience.
Midnight Discord Bot Banner
Midnight Discord Bot Logo

A moderation + music bot with a few fun commands.
Sandra Discord Bot Banner
Sandra Discord Bot Logo

Sandra: your Discord music, moderation, utility, social, and weeb assistant.
GoatBot Discord Bot Banner
GoatBot Discord Bot Logo

A multipurpose bot for anything you want.
Esponjosin Discord Bot Banner
Esponjosin Discord Bot Logo

Un bot creado con el propósito de aprender, cuento con funciones básicas como las de reacción y con un sistema de experiencia
Parrot Discord Bot Banner
Parrot Discord Bot Logo

A general bot with quite a few commands, completely custom settings for your own server. Moderation, fun, and so much more
Kirameki Discord Bot Banner
Kirameki Discord Bot Logo

An extremely powerful Discord & Twitch bot with deep gamedata integration, global leaderboards and advanced management.
Kariari Discord Bot Banner
Kariari Discord Bot Logo

A simple, multilingual community management bot for Discord. Manages events, karaoke, leveling, XP & more
AdventureCord Discord Bot Banner
AdventureCord Discord Bot Logo

A brand new RPG on Discord that is here to bring a pleasant experience with hours of gameplay!
FiresideBOT Discord Bot Banner
FiresideBOT Discord Bot Logo

Music || Economy || Server Logging || Role Reactions || Twitch & YouTube Auto Poster || Auto Role || Welcome Messages & much more!