Discord Levelling Bots

Find the best Discord Levelling Bots for your Discord Server, including oma to Ferret and more!

oma Discord Bot Banner
oma Discord Bot Logo

Track your progress with your pokemon go badges and stats.
Ferret Discord Bot Banner
Ferret Discord Bot Logo

Ferretbot is: ◙ Open Source (GitHub). ◙ Constantly Maintained by Developer. ◙ Always Online (24/7!). ◙ Fast and Easy to Use. ◙ Offers a well-made Discord MMO Experience.
Midnight Discord Bot Banner
Midnight Discord Bot Logo

A moderation + music bot with a few fun commands.
Sandra Discord Bot Banner
Sandra Discord Bot Logo

Sandra: your Discord music, moderation, utility, social, and weeb assistant.
GoatBot Discord Bot Banner
GoatBot Discord Bot Logo

A multipurpose bot for anything you want.
Esponjosin Discord Bot Banner
Esponjosin Discord Bot Logo

Un bot creado con el propósito de aprender, cuento con funciones básicas como las de reacción y con un sistema de experiencia
Parrot Discord Bot Banner
Parrot Discord Bot Logo

A general bot with quite a few commands, completely custom settings for your own server. Moderation, fun, and so much more
Kirameki Discord Bot Banner
Kirameki Discord Bot Logo

An extremely powerful Discord & Twitch bot with deep gamedata integration, global leaderboards and advanced management.
Kariari Discord Bot Banner
Kariari Discord Bot Logo

A simple, multilingual community management bot for Discord. Manages events, karaoke, leveling, XP & more
AdventureCord Discord Bot Banner
AdventureCord Discord Bot Logo

A brand new RPG on Discord that is here to bring a pleasant experience with hours of gameplay!
FiresideBOT Discord Bot Banner
FiresideBOT Discord Bot Logo

Music || Economy || Server Logging || Role Reactions || Twitch & YouTube Auto Poster || Auto Role || Welcome Messages & much more!
LegendBot Discord Bot Banner
LegendBot Discord Bot Logo

بوت عربي يحتوي على الكثير ( -!-help )
Hexacore Discord Bot Banner
Hexacore Discord Bot Logo

Hexacore is a discord bot with moderation, nsfw, a web dashboard, searches, a music function, autorole, and so much more
Discraft Discord Bot Banner
Discraft Discord Bot Logo

Discraft is a minecraft-themed bot where you can mine, chop, or dig. Craft new and unique tools by collecting different materials.
Vaniq Discord Bot Banner
Vaniq Discord Bot Logo

A bot for stats moderation and leveling
ActivityRank Discord Bot Banner
ActivityRank Discord Bot Logo

ActivityRank tracks voicechannel activity. Users get xp / levels based on how active they are in voice channels.