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The Just A Server Discord server has 31 online members and 0 upvotes. Just A Server is a Community Discord Server.

Just A Server Discord Server Described

: Have you ever had trouble finding a casual discord server that's actually active? If you have, then Just a Server is the perfect place for you! Come check us out

The entire purpose of this server is just for people to come hang out, make friends, and talk about whatever. We do not have a specific idea or focus for this server (TV Show/Fan Club/Specific Game. etc.) and i want to make it VERY clear that we will NEVER have a general/specific focus
We wanted to have fun and make a dumb discord server. We dont intend from changing that.
Our main goal is to provide people with a relaxed discord server, as all the ones me and the owner found (that were similar to our server idea) were servers that were very crowded, very unactive/dead, too specific, or extremely strict. We HATED that, so we made Just a Server
We have no real intention of EVER being extremely professional, we just wanna have fun. BUT I would like to point out that there are some things we will take seriously, we still want this server to succeed and we also want to provide an enjoyable experience for most of our members
For example, once staff applications open up, there will be no leniency, and we expect you to treat the application for ANY role seriously. Along with the rules, we will be enforcing each and every one of them to the best of our ability.
Besides that there’s some fun stuff i wanna address before i say bye bye
Im not gonna talk about EVERYTHING because ive wasted enough room on the venting topics, which was what i mainly wanted to address. But like i said we wanna make this server fun for everybody. Well be adding plentyy of bots along to way for all of you to mess around with (obviously) we also have ideas of hosting small, but fun, events. Currently our best ideas for these events are things similar to talent shows, movie nights, story times, etc. Again we will start hosting these sorta things around 100-120 members. And we would LOVE to hear any ideas you have for other community things we could host!
We want to include members as much as we can with all of our mainstream ideas or features. Especially with the smaller things such as bots, emojis, stickers, or just small additions to the server that you think would help
We have LOTS of plans for the server over the summer, and we do plan on telling you about most of these ideas, and we would really love feedback on these ideas!

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